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Build 9418 2022-07-21 postico-9418.dmg
Fix a bug when creating temp tables on CockroachDB (currently an experimental feature)
Update bundled library versions: libpq to 14.4, OpenSSL to 1.1.1q This adds support for SNI which improves compatibility with cloud services like Neon.
Build 9411 2022-06-17 postico-9411.dmg
SSH tunnels now support rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 authentication. This fixes the error message "The SSH server rejected the private key"
Build 9408 2022-05-28 postico-9408.dmg
Fix a bug where the red strike-through line was not shown when deleting a NOT NULL or PRIMARY constraint
Build 9403 2022-04-25 postico-9403.dmg
Fixed a potential crash in the SQL parser
Build 9402 2022-04-25 postico-9402.dmg
Add an additional method for automatic license deployment Postico now checks the paths ~/.postico-license and /Library/Application Support/Postico/license-key.txt for a license key
Build 9398 2022-04-22 postico-9398.dmg
Fixed a problem where Postico could not save passwords in the keychain
Build 9396 2022-04-20 postico-9396.dmg
Add support for automatic license deployment (see documentation for license activation)
Build 9393 2022-03-28 postico-9393.dmg
Fix blurry toolbar icons on Retina Displays
Build 9391 2022-03-17 postico-9391.dmg
Fixed a hang when loading tables with large amounts of jsonb data
Build 9390 2022-03-17 postico-9390.dmg
Fix bug in Function Editor on PostgreSQL 14 or newer
Build 9389 2022-03-17 postico-9389.dmg
Update recommended warnings
Fix Xcode 13.3 build error
Build 9388 2022-03-17 postico-9388.dmg
Fix Xcode 13.3 warning
Build 9385 2022-03-04 postico-9385.dmg
Fixed a bug where Postico showed an error message after truncating multiple tables
Build 9384 2022-03-02 postico-9384.dmg
Fixed a regression in build 9376 where Postico crashed when dragging files on the sidebar
Build 9381 2022-03-02 postico-9381.dmg
Fixed a regression in build 9332 where Postico crashed after creating a new database, refreshing a materialized view, reindexing, truncating or vaccuuming a table.
Build 9380 2022-03-01 postico-9380.dmg
Fix regression: Update sidebar after changing database
Build 9378 2022-02-25 postico-9378.dmg
Copy as Markdown support
Build 9376 2022-02-25 postico-9376.dmg
Middle click opens item in new tab
Customizable tab layout in left sidebar
Build 9346 2022-02-18 postico-9346.dmg
Fix an issue where the feedback button transmitted an outdated configuration
Build 9337 2022-02-16 postico-9337.dmg
Add support for importing encrypted Postico 1.x favorites
Build 9336 2022-02-16 postico-9336.dmg
Fixed crash in library preferences
Build 9333 2022-02-16 postico-9333.dmg
Fix a rare crash when resizing the window
Fixed loading table filter files
Build 9332 2022-02-16 postico-9332.dmg
Fixed a bug where saving a temp table can lead to a broken UI state
Fixed crash when creating new tab in readonly libraries
Build 9304 2022-02-03 postico-9304.dmg
Fixed crash when reloading connection
Fixed a regression where table structure reload did not work
Build 9303 2022-02-03 postico-9303.dmg
Fixed a regression where sidebar items appeared blurred
Use Python 3 instead of Python 2 in build script
Updated copyright range for 2022
Build 9295 2022-02-03 postico-9295.dmg
Fixed crash when opening new tab from new table/function screen
Fixed a bug where the table filter button did not hide the filter view
Build 9288 2022-01-27 postico-9288.dmg
Adress an issue where Postico failed to open previously open queries and showed a permission error instead
Build 9287 2022-01-27 postico-9287.dmg
Autocomplete now also searches in "pg_temp" alias
Remove dead code
CSV Importer: Fixed rare crash
Build 9270 2022-01-21 postico-9270.dmg
Fixed a bug where clicking the reload button in the sidebar did not work
Fix rare crash when source table of view was changed
Build 9244 2022-01-10 postico-9244.dmg
Automatically Expand Query Search Results in the Sidebar
SQL preview popup supports find via CMD+F
JSON popup supports find via CMD+F
Fixed: Table Filter generated SQL contained extranous % symbol
Build 9228 2021-12-22 postico-9228.dmg
Font Preferences for Left Sidebar
Build 9227 2021-12-21 postico-9227.dmg
Add button "New Server from URL…"
Build 9219 2021-12-21 postico-9219.dmg
Add support for connection parameter 'options'
Build 9209 2021-12-17 postico-9209.dmg
Fix Preferences layout issue
Build 9206 2021-12-17 postico-9206.dmg
Cockroach v21.2 support
Configure deployed archive type DMG (Postico 2 Devel)
Build 9204 2021-12-15 postico-9204.dmg
TableMetadataPromise: more helpful assertions
Build 9190 2021-12-15 postico-9190.dmg
Font Preferences
Build 9182 2021-12-11 postico-9182.dmg
Remove dead code
Fix Line Numbers on macOS 12
Build 9165 2021-12-09 postico-9165.dmg
Reduce padding in left sidebar
Build 9141 2021-12-06 postico-9141.dmg
Fix layout glitches with RTL text
Build 9140 2021-12-06 postico-9140.dmg
Call `scrollRangeToVisible` only after explicit user action
Auto-Uppercase SQL keywords
Add design files to repo
Build 9123 2021-12-01 postico-9123.dmg
Fixed crash when importing Postico 1.5 favorites on macOS 12
Build 9113 2021-12-01 postico-9113.dmg
Remove offline help
Build 9112 2021-12-01 postico-9112.dmg
Add preference for update channel
Fix crash when dragging second library on Postico window
Build 9106 2021-12-01 postico-9106.dmg
Workaround for macOS Monterey bug where Help > Report a Bug captures broken screenshots
Remove deprecated pasteboard type NSPasteboard.PasteboardType.filePromise
Add "Jump To Line" command
Build 9088 2021-11-30 postico-9088.dmg
Add button to reveal / export SSH keys and SSL certs
Build 9085 2021-11-30 postico-9085.dmg
Replace deprecated method setNeedsDisplay with needsDisplay=YES
Replace deprecated method graphicsPort with new API
Build 9069 2021-11-26 postico-9069.dmg
Remove dead code
Support for filenames containing slashes
Build 9067 2021-11-25 postico-9067.dmg
Removed "Import Servers From Postico 1.x" menu item since Postico 2 does that automatically
Build 9066 2021-11-25 postico-9066.dmg
Connection URL improvements
Fix compiler warnings
Updated Xcode version to 13
Fixed a crash when removing server connections on computers without trash directory
Build 9022 2021-11-18 postico-9022.dmg
Fixed occasional crash when deleting unsaved queries
Change effective display name for local library
Build 9013 2021-11-18 postico-9013.dmg
Fixes and UX improvements for import of Favorites/Servers
Build 9005 2021-11-17 postico-9005.dmg
Allow hiding table columns via context menu
Fixed restoration of column order & sort options
Build 8993 2021-11-15 postico-8993.dmg
Add hidden setting for default action when double clicking servers
Build 8975 2021-11-10 postico-8975.dmg
Remove TableInfoMetadata
Build 8974 2021-11-09 postico-8974.dmg
SQL Formatter uses ~/.pg_format configuration
Build 8957 2021-11-07 postico-8957.dmg
Fixed a crash when dragging files of unknown type on a Postico window
Build 8955 2021-11-07 postico-8955.dmg
Toggle line comment without selection works again
Build 8951 2021-11-05 postico-8951.dmg
Fix crash when double clicking rows without columns
Catalog: lock during cache update, but not result preparation
Fixed a crash when opening connection URLs while connected window has pending changes
Build 8941 2021-11-04 postico-8941.dmg
Fix test cases on Redshift
Table View: Don’t start text field editor for popup cells
Check if data cell is of correct type when reusing table columns
Build 8917 2021-11-02 postico-8917.dmg
Add tabs at the end
Automatically scroll to current query file in sidebar
Support for EXCLUDE constraints in DDL view
Build 8893 2021-10-20 postico-8893.dmg
Improve performance of syntax highlighting
Fixed a crash when retrieving catalog information
Fixed CSV importer crash
Build 8866 2021-10-15 postico-8866.dmg
SQLKeywordList: reduce allocations
Sidebar remembers splitter position
Autocomplete: don’t cancel autocomplete if parser is not ready yet
Build 8836 2021-10-13 postico-8836.dmg
Function structure editor support for BEGIN ATOMIC
Build 8831 2021-10-13 postico-8831.dmg
Improve statement grouping logic and add support for BEGIN ATOMIC
Build 8818 2021-10-12 postico-8818.dmg
Disable hang detector
Add default Query to Servers created via Connection URL
Syntax highlighting and autocomplete for dollar quoted strings
SQLKeywordList: updated keywords for PG13 and PG14
Build 8779 2021-10-06 postico-8779.dmg
Reduced trace logging performance overhead
Build 8728 2021-09-29 postico-8728.dmg
Connection URL fixes
Fixed crash when sending feedback
SQLParser: Remove string provider
Build 8716 2021-09-28 postico-8716.dmg
SQLToken: Remove SQLParser dependency
Build 8696 2021-09-17 postico-8696.dmg
Query editor performance improvements
Performance improvements for table/function source lists
Build 8693 2021-09-17 postico-8693.dmg
Restore only existing queries, only tables/functions of main database
Build 8690 2021-09-17 postico-8690.dmg
Restore Navigation View type
PGELicenseManager: use dispatch_once for safety
TraceLog: added missing enum cases
Build 8670 2021-09-10 postico-8670.dmg
Add a button to show saved passwords
Build 8666 2021-09-10 postico-8666.dmg
Don't save temporary queries for Server/Favorite-level restoration
Use Table View font for JSON Viewer
Fix occasional Sparkle hangs
TextBasedTableExporter test improvements
Build 8645 2021-09-07 postico-8645.dmg
Fixed a crash when literal strings contain null bytes
Fixed a crash when quickly re-triggering autocomplete
Fixed race condition when parsing SQL
Fixes for clipped toolbar items
JSON Viewer: treat whitespace as empty
Build 8635 2021-09-03 postico-8635.dmg
Make Postico store the first launch date of each build
Build 8619 2021-09-03 postico-8619.dmg
Fixed a regression in Redshift when fetching view column information
Build 8614 2021-09-02 postico-8614.dmg
JSON Viewer Improvements
Fixed a bug where CMD+Backspace did not delete line in Query Editor
Build 8602 2021-09-01 postico-8602.dmg
Query Table Results: Fixed a regression where double clicking non-JSON cells no longer selected text
Fixed: Crash when renaming a color theme and deleting it
Generated columns: report an error when attempting to alter virtual stored columns
Build 8591 2021-08-30 postico-8591.dmg
Fixed crash when expanding/collapsing items in the sidebar
Fixed crash when double clicking outside of rows in query result table
Build 8573 2021-08-27 postico-8573.dmg
Add support for generated columns
Build 8549 2021-08-26 postico-8549.dmg
Show error message instead of crashing when column info can not be loaded
Build 8547 2021-08-26 postico-8547.dmg
Fixed second crash when connecting to server
Fixed crash when connecting to server
Limit length of error messages
Build 8529 2021-08-24 postico-8529.dmg
Add Popover for viewing JSON and JSONB values
Build 8528 2021-08-24 postico-8528.dmg
Fixed: Tables with FLOAT4 columns could not be updated without primary key
Sidebar navigation state persistence
Fixed: Saving untitled queries did leak duplicates
Build 8523 2021-08-24 postico-8523.dmg
Improved diagnostics for occasional catalog cache crash
Build 8517 2021-08-23 postico-8517.dmg
Fixed an issue where radio buttons of the Vacuum dialog appeared invisible
Greenplum v6 support
Fixed data race crash in PGEColumn.isGeometry
Build 8514 2021-08-23 postico-8514.dmg
Unit Test runtime improvements
Build 8470 2021-08-11 postico-8470.dmg
TestConnectionPool: Allow plain text connection also in other initializer
Fixed Crash in WindowController.unregisterAllFileSystemMonitorObservers
Ignore UTF-8 BOM during CSV import
Greenplum 6.8 support
Fixed an issue where files disappeared from the sidbar after saving
Accept non-SSL database connections while testing
PGEConnection: Stricter error checking
Fixed crash due to explicit cast to NSSavePanel
Build 8414 2021-07-20 postico-8414.dmg
Don't prevent closing window when deleting temp query fails
Fix nullability
Relative file browser item
Build 8390 2021-07-20 postico-8390.dmg
Restore sidebar expansion state when restoring windows
Remove unused serialNumber property
Build 8384 2021-07-19 postico-8384.dmg
SQLFormatter: explicitly use system Perl
Build 8375 2021-07-14 postico-8375.dmg
Remember size of query result area
Fixed: Theme Preference buttons were invisible on Big Sur
Separate buttons for reloading sidebar
Fixed: Query sidebar reload occasionally lost root elements
Build 8325 2021-06-29 postico-8325.dmg
Discard changes in text fields by pressing Escape key
Fixed a bug where changes to connection settings were discarded when switching to another app
Only show connection status display badge when properly connected
Fixed potential race condition in Status Display
Test case fixes for Cockroach
Add libraries by drag and drop
Build 8304 2021-06-24 postico-8304.dmg
Fix right sidebar layout bug
Library Preferences: Fixed layout constraint for default button
Remove dark gray border from 16px app icon
Rename "Execute Query" menu item to "Execute Statement"
Build 8315 2021-06-21 postico-8315.dmg
Fixed SQL formatting in case of CREATE prefix or DROP suffix
Build 8282 2021-06-16 postico-8282.dmg
Update buy link
Build 8280 2021-06-16 postico-8280.dmg
Autocomplete: Use full width outline view style
Change App Icon to a Squircle
Fix type so it builds on Xcode 13
Build 8272 2021-06-15 postico-8272.dmg
Add command to resize window for screenshot
Build 8269 2021-06-14 postico-8269.dmg
Fixed crash when using autocomplete with array function default arguments
Catalog: Throw exception instead of crash when parsing function arg defaults
Build 8263 2021-06-10 postico-8263.dmg
Fixed sorting of negative MONEY numbers
Build 8259 2021-06-10 postico-8259.dmg
Fixed a crash when editing NUMERIC values in the sidebar
Do not quote function default arguments
CSV quoting fix
Shorter debug description of PGError
Double click on left sidebar toggles expansion state
Fixed JSON test cases
Add Button to Show Error Details
JSON Values: Fixes for Copy Special as SQL insert statements
Build 8194 2021-06-02 postico-8194.dmg
Fix tests broken due to missing JSON support of PG8.2
Build 8183 2021-06-01 postico-8183.dmg
Fixed UUID filter type for right click column filtering
Fix sorting columns of type "money" in query results
Build 8127 2021-05-20 postico-8127.dmg
JSON export uses the new parser/printer
Pretty print JSONB in the right sidebar
Build 8062 2021-05-10 postico-8062.dmg
Use pretty print for func arg defaults
Reversed order of tab names
Build 8060 2021-05-05 postico-8060.dmg
Workaround for "bogus varno" bug
Build 8052 2021-04-29 postico-8052.dmg
Fixed Xcode 12.5 warnings
Build 8038 2021-04-28 postico-8038.dmg
Improved export: More CSV settings and JSON
Build 8031 2021-04-20 postico-8031.dmg
NumericNumber Improvements
Remove unused localisations
Build 7994 2021-04-14 postico-7994.dmg
Query editor performance improvements part 1
Build 7975 2021-04-14 postico-7975.dmg
Library Changes part1
Build 7973 2021-04-14 postico-7973.dmg
Query history search
Build 7952 2021-04-08 postico-7952.dmg
Fix NumericNumber formatting bug
Build 7901 2021-03-25 postico-7901.dmg
Sidebar context menu now offers opening items in new tab and new window
FileSystemMonitor: fixed crash in callback after stopping
Build 7887 2021-03-23 postico-7887.dmg
Build 7884 2021-03-22 postico-7884.dmg
Fixed: Precision loss with large numeric values
Build 7866 2021-03-19 postico-7866.dmg
Tooltips for toolbar and buttons
Escape no longer discards changes in SQL text fields
Build 7825 2021-03-15 postico-7825.dmg
Table DDL now displays INSTEAD OF triggers correctly
Build 7823 2021-03-15 postico-7823.dmg
Updated copyright range for 2021
Bugfix for autocomplete with Redshift external tables
Replace os_log Obj-C Logging with TraceLog
Build 7800 2021-03-05 postico-7800.dmg
Redshift: Add support for late binding views
Fixed: "New Schema" command was disabled in function browser sidebar
Build 7721 2021-02-19 postico-7721.dmg
Preference Icons
Build 7681 2021-02-08 postico-7681.dmg
Fixed crash when opening files when sidebar is closed
Fix error message for notNilOrDie
Build 7659 2021-02-01 postico-7659.dmg
File system monitor improvements
Avoid exception annoying during debugging
Build 7625 2021-01-15 postico-7625.dmg
Fixed: Redshift MATERIALIZED VIEWs not be opened in structure view
Build 7612 2021-01-13 postico-7612.dmg
Fixed restoration of query documents within external root
Build 7607 2020-12-22 postico-7607.dmg
Adopt macOS 11 system sounds for drag and drop / move to trash
Fix table view & outline view styles on Big Sur
Build 7594 2020-12-21 postico-7594.dmg
Query history datasource lifetime now coupled to popover
Fixed crash in GenericPasswordKeychainItem
Disable crash/hang reporter when launched from Xcode
Build 7578 2020-12-17 postico-7578.dmg
Fixed: Query history item titles display file names instead of formatted time
Build 7577 2020-12-17 postico-7577.dmg
Query history performance improvement
Build 7573 2020-12-16 postico-7573.dmg
Upgrade pgFormatter
Added table filter comparison operator "is not empty string" for text columns
Build 7568 2020-12-16 postico-7568.dmg
Fixed query error when using table filters with boolean column
Build 7556 2020-12-15 postico-7556.dmg
Removed accidentally commited code
DDL support for triggers
Fixed crash when navigating to sidebar filter without left sidebar
Build 7543 2020-12-10 postico-7543.dmg
Allow horizontal scrolling in table structure view
Fix test case
Fixed file system path checks for ancestor/descendent
Build 7512 2020-12-02 postico-7512.dmg
CSV Import: support scientific exponential notation
Fixed crash caused by StatusDisplay drawing code
Build 7503 2020-12-01 postico-7503.dmg
Fixed: DDL could not be displayed for a table with constraint triggers
Fixed a bug where the incorrect foreign key column was shown
Build 7496 2020-12-01 postico-7496.dmg
Check for disconnects while attempting connection
Build 7494 2020-12-01 postico-7494.dmg
Fixed a bug where external references could not be added in case of another broken reference
Error message improvements when opening invalid URLs
Build 7487 2020-11-27 postico-7487.dmg
Fix crash when trying to open a non-existing file
Build 7484 2020-11-27 postico-7484.dmg
Improved Crash Reporter
Build 7466 2020-11-25 postico-7466.dmg
Fixed crash when attempting to connect while connection should disconnect
Fixed look of push buttons and segmented controls for Big SurFixed look of push buttons and segmented controls for Big Sur (Postico 2)
Fixed test cases
Fix drawing bug on macOS 10.15
Function Structure Editor: return type handling fixes
Build 7442 2020-11-23 postico-7442.dmg
Query result sorting fixes
Build 7425 2020-11-19 postico-7425.dmg
Fixed crash when trying to remove erroneous external references
Breadcrumb Background Color Fix on Big Sur
Disable Hang Reporter when Postico is in the background
Fixed testcase to reflect Big Sur file system monitoring behaviour
Fixed a crash in Function Structure Editor in case of unsupported attributes
Fixed a crash when trying to create servers/folder in a library which is not yet loaded
Foreign key table popover fixes
Fixed crash when ejecting connection while renaming query
SQL Text Editor fixes for opening descendents of items already present in the sidebar
Universal build
P #1339 from eggerapps/big-sur-fix-breadcrumb Fixed breadcrumb toolbar button content size for Big Sur
Fixed table column constraint button layout for Big Sur
Build 7360 2020-11-11 postico-7360.dmg
Fix duplicate query create bug
SQL Text Editor fixes for files exceeding limit
Build 7343 2020-11-09 postico-7343.dmg
Workaround for Big Sur certificate bug
Fix Horizontal Scroller in Table Structure View
Fixed a bug where Postico does not create default "SQL Query.sql" file
SQLTextField theme color support
Fixed sort order of timestamp columns in query results
Build 7320 2020-11-04 postico-7320.dmg
Status Display Fixes
Fix additional file descriptor leaks
Build 7311 2020-11-02 postico-7311.dmg
Fix a file descriptor leak
Build 7310 2020-11-02 postico-7310.dmg
Fix graphical glitches in the sidebar
Remove SQL Query from Breadcrumb button
SSH Host Key Verification Dialog
Build 7302 2020-10-29 postico-7302.dmg
Disable auto-hiding scrollbars when scrollbars are set to "Always Visible" in System Preferences to avoid a beachball
Add support for syncing private keys in libraries with master password
Build 7256 2020-10-15 postico-7256.dmg
Show dialog for missing / incorrect password
Build 7234 2020-10-02 postico-7234.dmg
Fixed a bug where Postico did not include schema name when editing functions
CatalogCache partial invalidation
Build 7213 2020-09-29 postico-7213.dmg
Add support for libraries with encrypted passwords
Build 7206 2020-09-28 postico-7206.dmg
Fix Redshift external tables
Switch to Xcode 12
Build 7185 2020-09-22 postico-7185.dmg
Edit and create functions / procedures
Build 7183 2020-09-21 postico-7183.dmg
Fixed Xcode 12 warnings
Fix reload and reload current view commands
Build 7173 2020-09-17 postico-7173.dmg
Added menu items to create new schema
Fixed crash when clicking query completion notification for ejected connections
Fixed crash when restoring text selection after file reload
Build 7161 2020-09-17 postico-7161.dmg
Fix truncate width for UUIDs in Query View
Table Views: Fixed autosizing for enum/bool types
Build 7148 2020-09-15 postico-7148.dmg
Make "New Folder" more discoverable
Show error message when Trash directory is not available
Fixed crash when reordering libraries in the Preferences via drag-and-drop
Fixed crash when dragging with left sidebar hidden
Rename "Remove Server" menu item to "Move Server to Trash"
Renamed 'Filter Favorites' to 'Filter Servers'
Remove "Reload" button from error message
SQL Text Fields tab width initialization
PGEQuery: Block based initializer for Swift
Build 6982 2020-08-19 postico-6982.dmg
Fixed restoration of servers with same UUID in different stores
Build 6980 2020-08-18 postico-6980.dmg
Fixed: Structure edits cause reinsertion into wrong sidebar section
Fixed: Sidebar item is not reselected after structural edit
Build 6969 2020-08-17 postico-6969.dmg
Fixed: Update checking caused endless spinning wheel
Build 6918 2020-08-04 postico-6918.dmg
Allow top level object to have type "library"
Fixed test cases
Improve file name scheme for duplicates
Build 6911 2020-08-04 postico-6911.dmg
Server list menu validation fixes
Fixed crash when disconnecting while loading table in SSH connection
Make debugging with Swift error breakpoints less annoying
Error message is truncated if window height too small
Fixed crash when creating new windows without current server
Build 6892 2020-07-29 postico-6892.dmg
Automatically create new file when opening tab
SQL Text Editor Window restores previous size
Connection favorites are now called servers
Nullability assertions for PGEWindowController
Fix memory leak after closing query files
Refactor SQLDocument.withWindowController
Fix sorting broken favorites
Build 6838 2020-07-23 postico-6838.dmg
Convenience method for abbreviated path
Query File Size Limit
Build 6824 2020-07-17 postico-6824.dmg
Cherrypicked bugfixes from Postico 1.5.14
Query history item text normalization
Fixed Query history order
Build 6785 2020-07-10 postico-6785.dmg
Big Sur Design Fixes
Bookmark error handling
Build 6784 2020-07-10 postico-6784.dmg
CSV import via drop
Faster loading of favorites that contain many files
Build 6756 2020-07-06 postico-6756.dmg
Open SQL files without connecting to a server
PR #1191 Fix build on Xcode 12
Build 6694 2020-06-18 postico-6694.dmg
Drop query files on window to open
Build 6674 2020-06-17 postico-6674.dmg
Crash reporter improvements
Fixed Retain Cycle
Build 6665 2020-06-10 postico-6665.dmg
Hang detection
Build 6624 2020-06-04 postico-6624.dmg
File browser plays drop sound
Add --function-case 1 argument to pg_format
Build 6611 2020-06-02 postico-6611.dmg
Bugfix: Saving Table Filters did not work
Bugfix: Custom SQL Filter crashed
Build 6607 2020-05-27 postico-6607.dmg
Fix Tests and warnings
File format forward compatibility
Show dialog when adding SQL files
Play user interface sounds on the system sounds device
Build 6573 2020-05-25 postico-6573.dmg
PR: File browser drag and drop
Fixed an issue where opening external queries in place did not work
Build 6566 2020-05-18 postico-6566.dmg
Cockroach support for SAVEPOINTs
Build 6529 2020-05-01 postico-6529.dmg
Fix delete query for procedures
Build 6528 2020-04-30 postico-6528.dmg
File Browser: Network move to trash fix
Build 6506 2020-04-27 postico-6506.dmg
Fixed crash when indexColumnExpressions contains NULL
Update OpenSSL to 1.1.1g
Build 6492 2020-04-21 postico-6492.dmg
Fixed crash when editing enum cells while previous update query was still running
Build 6472 2020-04-20 postico-6472.dmg
Fixed crash due to CSV import menu validation not called
Fixed crash when quickly duplicating and inserting rows
Improved assert on source list child index
Fix crash when favorites list is empy
Improve test timeout error message
Build 6457 2020-04-16 postico-6457.dmg
Fix race condition in file browser
Build 6450 2020-04-16 postico-6450.dmg
Add support for startup query
Increase timeout for CSV import tests
Refactor FavoriteViewController
Build 6441 2020-04-15 postico-6441.dmg
Additional keyboard shortcuts
Copyright and website URL updated
Duplicate now ignores Query History, Queries, but copies DisplayOptions
Default keywords for syntax highlighting
Use weak instead on unowned NSTextView
Warn before sending anonymous feedback
Fixed a bug in file browser when files were deleted
Build 6401 2020-04-10 postico-6401.dmg
More Keyboard shortcuts
Fixed restoration of Custom SQL table filters
Bugfix: DisplayOptions were not skipped on export
Right sidebar does not stay hidden
Bugfix: "Go to queries" did not work when left sidebar was never shown
Fixed a bug where the left sidebar reappeared unexpectedly
Add favorite + database name to window title
Build 6358 2020-04-04 postico-6358.dmg
Restored shortcut CMD+SHIFT+T to go to queries
Bugfix: Crash when attempting to format empty SQL statement
Fixed typo: 'DropBox' -> 'Dropbox'
Build 6355 2020-04-03 postico-6355.dmg
Added shortcut: CMD+F shows table filter
Build 6354 2020-04-03 postico-6354.dmg
Time display in Query View
Build 6342 2020-04-01 postico-6342.dmg
Bugfix: Import Favorite did not refresh favorites list
Duplicated favorites now have suffix ‚ copy‘
Build 6339 2020-04-01 postico-6339.dmg
More convenient runtime assertions
Restored CMD-ENTER use case
Build 6324 2020-03-30 postico-6324.dmg
Main menu validation fixes
Redesign Sidebar Tabs
Build 6313 2020-03-26 postico-6313.dmg
SQL File Browser: Import/Open query files
Bugfix: „New Folder“ did not work if „Untitled Folder“ was already present
Build 6282 2020-03-18 postico-6282.dmg
Query history
Build 6260 2020-03-16 postico-6260.dmg
Upgrade libpq to 10.12, libssh2
Buttons no longer overlap SQL text
Fix a crash when quitting with unsaved changes
Ignore errors when autosaving
Fixed frequent hangs when working with large SQL files
Build 6194 2020-03-09 postico-6194.dmg
Build 6168 2020-03-04 postico-6168.dmg
Refactored file system code
Fixed crash when test connection command fails
Bugfix: Fixed crash related to custom SQL filters
Build 6145 2020-03-02 postico-6145.dmg
Bugfix: Crash when clicking error icon
Bugfix: Crash in Table Structure View
Fix performance when you have many functions on the server
Bugfix: Incorrect invalidation of invalid parenthesis
Build 6126 2020-02-25 postico-6126.dmg
Create View From Filter: Don’t add OFFSET or LIMIT clauses
SQL preview background color fix
Merge pull request #1033 from eggerapps/sidebar-filter-shortcut Re-enable "Filter ... in Sidebar" command
Build 6105 2020-02-25 postico-6105.dmg
Keyboard Navigation in Favorites List
Build 6076 2020-02-18 postico-6076.dmg
Bugfix: crash in SQLTextView.selectedTextAttributes
Build 6064 2020-02-14 postico-6064.dmg
Improved SQL Parser and added Query Formatting
Build 6038 2020-02-12 postico-6038.dmg
Bugfix: keyword-like identifiers were not quoted in DDL
Build 5998 2020-02-07 postico-5998.dmg
Require Activation
Syntax highlighting fixes & performance improvements
QuickLook for images in right sidebar
Build 5955 2020-02-05 postico-5955.dmg
Feedback: Disable screenshot by default
OpenSSL 1.1.1d, libpq 10.11, newer version of libssh2
Build 5927 2020-02-03 postico-5927.dmg
Build 5920 2020-01-31 postico-5920.dmg
Build 5835 2020-01-14 postico-5835.dmg
Make left sidebar visible by default
Move favorites by default instead of copy when dragging between stores
Add feedback button to preferences window
Fixed crash due to Swift Optimizer ARC over-release
Fixed "Group By Extension" preference setting
Build 5820 2019-12-20 postico-5820.dmg
User Preferences for Syntax Highlighting Themes
Build 5779 2019-12-16 postico-5779.dmg
Fix test failures caused by too small timeout
New tabs clone state
Fixed preferences window restoration when using mutliple versions of Postico
Build 5754 2019-12-11 postico-5754.dmg
Use FileSystemDatasource to monitor changes to SQL Files
Autosave changes before renaming file
Update database placeholder when username changes
Don't play user interface sounds when user disabled them
Table filter restoration
Highlight Matching Parenthesis in SQL Editor
Build 5705 2019-12-02 postico-5705.dmg
Improved File System Monitoring (Query Sidebar)
Table filter can be extracted as view
Build 5696 2019-11-29 postico-5696.dmg
Fixed a bug with file path normalisation
Refresh query sidebar when favorite is moved to a different folder
Build 5678 2019-11-28 postico-5678.dmg
Build 5666 2019-11-27 postico-5666.dmg
Build 5657 2019-11-27 postico-5657.dmg
Postico no longer changes file names when moving favorites (and handles file name collisions better)
Build 5632 2019-11-22 postico-5632.dmg
Don't overwrite query files after an error
Build 5631 2019-11-22 postico-5631.dmg
Better handling of save query errors
Show a dialog when an update is available and the user disabled automatic updates (instead of a notification in notification center)
Build 5618 2019-11-20 postico-5618.dmg
We now distribute a DMG instead of a ZIP to avoid issues with automatic updates
Build 5601 2019-11-15
Small design tweaks in the "Update" preference pane
Build 5596 2019-11-13
Fixed an issue were Postico did not detect changed query files when multiple files were moved in quick succession
Postico now restores opened query files again
Fixed a crash when a query completes while the window is in the background
Fixed an issue where Postico replaced query file contents with placeholder text
Improved changelog displayed in update dialog
Build 5540 2019-11-08
Fixed: Postico now autosaves queries when you press ⌘Q
Build 5529 2019-11-07