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Stable Builds Development Builds
2.0.4 Build 9636 2023-07-10 postico-9636.dmg 329035 launches 176 crashes 0.05% crash rate
- added a workaround for a bug where macOS keeps showing keychain dialogs - add "delete" and "share" buttons for servers - CMD-R no longer clears query results
2.0.3 Build 9628 2023-06-08 postico-9628.dmg 107976 launches 54 crashes 0.05% crash rate
- Fixed a bug where Postico said "The server returned an unexpected query result" when creating a table with comments - Reduce unnecessary autosaves (this might have caused an issue where Postico suddenly reverts changes in the SQL query editor) - Add documentation about common errors when activating a Postico license fails
2.0.2 Build 9622 2023-05-15 postico-9622.dmg 80251 launches 30 crashes 0.04% crash rate
New Features: - added a new "is in list" filter - rows marked for deletion can be "undeleted" Bugfixes: - fixed a bug where exported CSV files had an incorrect file name - fixed a possible single byte buffer overflow when parsing NUMERIC columns
2.0.1 Build 9593 2023-03-17 postico-9593.dmg 180393 launches 28 crashes 0.02% crash rate
- fix size of some buttons on macOS Ventura - update bundled libraries: OpenSSL 1.1.1t, libpq 14.7, libssh2 0809c4b - fix a potential crash when downgrading from a future version with more filter types
2.0 Build 9584 2023-03-13 postico-9584.dmg 17085 launches 10 crashes 0.06% crash rate
Bugfixes: - Fixed an issue where the "new tab" button opened a new window instead - Hidden columns are now ignored when copy/pasting rows - The dialog for picking SSH keys now shows hidden files and starts in ~/.ssh - Fixed a rare crash when importing servers from Postico 1.5 - Postico is now more responsive when loading libraries from slow network drives - A few minor bug fixes that are difficult to explain in a bullet point New: - Cockroach Serverless and servers now have a custom icon
2.0 RC 6 Build 9481 2022-10-31 postico-9481.dmg 291551 launches 194 crashes 0.07% crash rate
Bugfixes: - Fixed a bug where opening SSH Tunnels with aes256-cbc encrypted private keys didn't work - Fixed a bug where the "Go To Queries" command would sometimes reopen a connection to a different recently used server - Fixed a bug where Postico sometimes used 100% CPU after an SSH tunnel was closed - Use Find Bar instead of Find Panel in the SQL Query Editor because there is an unfixed macOS bug that causes apps using Find Panels to crash This release is the very very last one that supports macOS 10.13 and 10.14. Future releases will require macOS 10.15 or later.
2.0 RC 5 Build 9469 2022-10-19 postico-9469.dmg 6608 launches 2 crashes 0.03% crash rate
New Features: - SSH tunnels now support rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 authentication - Update bundled library versions: libpq to 14.4, OpenSSL to 1.1.1q This adds support for SNI which improves compatibility with cloud services like Neon. Minor Improvements: - Suggest filename with timestamp when exporting query results - More detailed error message when connecting to SSH server fails Bugfixes: - Fixed a bug where the JSON editor was blank for rows pasted from the clipboard - Fix a bug where the red strike-through line was not shown when deleting a NOT NULL or PRIMARY constraint - Fix a bug when creating temp tables on CockroachDB (currently an experimental feature) This will be the last build of Postico 2 that is compatible with macOS 10.13 and macOS 10.14. The next build will require at least macOS 10.15
2.0 RC 4 Build 9404 2022-04-29 postico-9404.dmg 1192 launches 17 crashes 1.43% crash rate
New Feature: - Automatic deployment of Postico licenses for managed Macs
Fixed: - Fixed a problem where Postico could not save passwords in the keychain - Fixed a crash in the SQL parser - Fixed blurry icons in the toolbar - Fixed a performance issue when loading tables with large jsonb values - Fixed a bug in the function editor on PostgreSQL 14 or newer
2.0 RC 3 Build 9387 2022-03-17 postico-9387.dmg 5 launches
New Features: - Customizable tab layout in left sidebar - Copy as Markdown - Middle click opens item in new tab
Bugfixes: - Fixed a bug where Postico showed an error message after truncating multiple tables
2.0 RC 2 Build 9383 2022-03-02 postico-9383.dmg
Fixed a regression in RC 1 where Postico crashed after creating a new database, refreshing a materialized view, reindexing, truncating or vaccuuming a table.
2.0 RC 1 Build 9348 2022-02-18 postico-9348.dmg
New Features: - Added a button to create a new server from a connection URL… - Allow changing font size of left sidebar - Automatically Expand Query Search Results in the Sidebar - Autocomplete now also searches in "pg_temp" alias - SQL preview popup supports find via CMD+F - JSON popup supports find via CMD+F
Compatibility Improvements: - Cockroach v21.2 support - Support for connection parameter 'options' - Support for importing encrypted Postico 1.x favorites
Fixes: - Fixed a permission error in the query editor - Fixed a bug where saving a temp table can lead to a broken UI state - Fixed a bug where the table filter button did not hide the filter view - Fixed a bug where clicking the reload button in the sidebar did not work - Fixed loading table filter files - Fixed rare crash when source table of view was changed - Fixed crash when creating new tab in readonly libraries - Fixed crash when reloading connection - Fixed crash when opening new tab from new table/function screen - Fixed crash when clicking remove library button in library preferences - Fixed a rare crash when resizing the window - Fixed a crash in the CSV Importer - Table Filter no longer adds unnecessary % symbol - Fix Preferences layout issue
Distribute app as disk image (DMG) instead of ZIP archive
2.0 Alpha 2 Build 9170 2021-12-10
Auto-Uppercase Keywords! We added a preference to Postico that allows you to auto-uppercase SQL Keywords.
Reduce padding in left sidebar
Fix layout glitches with RTL text
Fix a problem where the SQL editor scrolled erratically while entering quotes
Fix a crash when importing servers from Postico 1.x on macOS Monterey
Remove outdated docs bundled with the app
2.0 Alpha Build 9114 2021-12-01
Our first "stable" Release of Postico 2 Unlike the beta/development builds, stable builds don't expire after 6 weeks. You can now disable automatic updates and continue to use a outdated version as long as you want! Stable builds no longer accept Postico 1.x license files. If you want to keep using Postico 2, please purchase an upgrade license.