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Distribute app as disk image (DMG) instead of ZIP archive
2.0 Alpha 2 Build 9170 2021-12-10
Auto-Uppercase Keywords! We added a preference to Postico that allows you to auto-uppercase SQL Keywords.
Reduce padding in left sidebar
Fix layout glitches with RTL text
Fix a problem where the SQL editor scrolled erratically while entering quotes
Fix a crash when importing servers from Postico 1.x on macOS Monterey
Remove outdated docs bundled with the app
2.0 Alpha Build 9114 2021-12-01
Our first "stable" Release of Postico 2 Unlike the beta/development builds, stable builds don't expire after 6 weeks. You can now disable automatic updates and continue to use a outdated version as long as you want! Stable builds no longer accept Postico 1.x license files. If you want to keep using Postico 2, please purchase an upgrade license.